As your organizations’ associates and/or employees anticipate something after full-time work, MyCareerEncore is a process that they can use to assist them in this critical transition. There are many advantages for a company to have a successful transition in place for anyone contemplating this phase in their lives.
  • Knowledge transfer and handoffs go smoother
  • Less hesitancy to move forward with this transition
  • Very helpful for the owners of companies that have been acquired
  • A positive alumni population is established
  • Better farewell speeches
  • Particularly good for very successful individuals who still want to be active, achieving, and belonging to a respected group
Corporate discounts are available with appropriate training and certification.

For organizations that work closely with individuals who are actively in this planning phase in other areas such as estate planning, financial planning, etc.; this tool can be a key differentiator to address an often neglected area of the planning process.