MyCareerEncore is an excellent process tool to support your coaching of individuals looking to define what’s next for them beyond their traditional full-time careers. It lays out three phases where there are exercises and information to reflect and appreciate who they have been and what they have loved. From a questionnaire, they get results on their personality, interests, and motives to consider and integrate into their planning. This constitutes observations of how they may want to approach this planning process. Additionally, there are suggestions of how to architect/build a dynamic and fulfilling future complete with examples of successful results, related reading references, and website resources.

Once certified, coaches receive a 30% discount on MyCareerEncore. This allows the coach to supply this planning resource to individuals and organizations where they already have a relationship.
Being trained and certified with this process to answer for your client “What’s next,” can be a significant differentiator in your coaching practice. There are thousands of individuals every day going through this important transition in their lives without clear plans and without a coach. Many have a desire for having a guide to assist them in this transition process.

Sign up for coaching certification. Check for upcoming classes. Upon completion and certification, coaches will be referenced on the website as available in a designated geographical area as trained to apply this transition process.